Proactive and Re-active Surveillance

Proactive Surveillance

Every business should have a security system in place, both internally (in the office or in-store) or externally (on the outside of the building) in order to have a properly safe and secure working place and place of business. There are, however, two different types of surveillance, namely, proactive and reactive surveillance. Proactive and reactive […]

Looking for CCTV Companies in Cape Town?

CCTV Cape Town

A CCTV system can help keep your property secure, whether we’re talking about your business offices, industrial compound or home. It is one of several security features that can help secure your assets, and keep your personnel and family safe from crime and intrusion. If you work with Iron Curtain, a CCTV company in Cape Town, […]

Is Your Home Security Up To Par? Why a CCTV System Adds Extra Protection

Is Your Home Security Up To Par

From a layman’s point of view, a CCTV system is the greatest security invention of the modern world. It shows you who is coming into your house so you can keep them out. If they do manage to sneak past your security measures, you can easily identify them to the police. Unfortunately, the reality is […]