Do I Really Need a Security Camera for my Small Business?

Small businesses may not think a security camera is a necessary tool. It could be a small corner store, a family-run car wash, or the headquarters of a cleaning service. Maybe the office is rarely occupied or doesn’t hold many valuables. You may be old-school, averse to technology and fancy gadgets. Or maybe you’re just having a hard time justifying the budget.

Either way, security footage may be something foreign and alien to you. Maybe you think it belongs on the crime shows on TV. However, CCTV is increasingly finding use in daily life. From traffic footage to pest control, cameras are becoming an essential feature in many homes and businesses. They offer tangible protection and psychological peace of mind.

In the past, surveillance equipment was expensive and far beyond the reach of ordinary people. However, technology has grown exponentially, making cameras smaller, more subtle, and more affordable. The price range of a security system is governed by other systems too. If your business is physically small and occupies minimal space, you can buy fewer units.

The type of lens can also reduce the scope of your protective infrastructure. If your office has a smaller square footage, you can get a strategically placed camera that covers a wider area, and that can chop down your expenses. There are cases where your budget for safety is on the lower side. You could hire a 24-hour guard, get a dog, or install cameras.

Good quality and easy payment for your security camera

Unlike a security camera, a dog needs to be fed, and depending on the location of your business, the dog may require a license, or space to run around. Guard dogs may also intimidate your customers, or attack the wrong person, leaving you open to law suits. Similarly, a security guard needs meals, breaks, and uniforms, all of which cost money.

For many small businesses, security budgets and overheads are a crucial factor. When they ask ‘do we need CCTV?’, what they’re really asking is ‘Can we afford it?’ They may fully believe that they need remote surveillance, but they may worry that they don’t have enough business coming in to pay for it. If this is where you’re at, consider the following factors.

One, by not securing your business, you could actually be losing money. Without a good surveillance system, you’re at risk of shoplifting, burglary, or even theft by your own staff. After all, many crimes are driven by opportunity. A thug will spot an easy target with an open door and no alarms, and they will break in. They may not know the size of your business or the volume if your income. All they saw was an opening to attack.

In addition, since your business is so small, you’re unlikely to have hi-tech security measures like quick-response vehicles or motion detectors. A security camera could end up being the most affordable form of security for your business. If you buy your cameras from Iron Curtain Security, we offer easy payment options to ease your burden.

After sales service for your camera system

All our security camera packages come with a 3-year-swop-out guarantee™, so you can call us in case of any problem. We offer free installation assessment with no obligation, so we can come by your shop and talk over the options with you. This will relax your mind regarding your security budget. You don’t have to commit to anything, and we’ll answer all your questions.

In case you haven’t used camera-based security before, our help desk is available for assistance. You can call us anytime and we’ll walk you through any glitches in the system. We also offer remote access as an add-on. It costs a little extra, but still works out cheaper than hiring human security monitoring.

When you install cameras, you still need someone to watch them. After all, the mere presence of a camera doesn’t necessarily deter shoplifters. They need to know someone is watching. If you can’t fund the extra staff, you can connect the CCTV to your mobile phone or home system. That way you can glance at the shop floor no matter where you are. Another advantage of surveillance systems is you can inspect the areas outside the shop as well.  Speak to Iron Curtain Security for security camera advice and guidance.


Find the Right CCTV Package for Your Company

Security is a prime concern to all business owners, and finding the best CCTV package is essential to ensure peace of mind. Adding CCTV to your security system ensures that you can have ‘eyes’ on all operations, internal and external, day and night. Well placed cameras can record movement throughout any business premises. Better still, what the camera sees the camera records in precise detail, and the CCTV system stores all data for later review. No security system manned by guards can deliver the same. People are not able to monitor any area exclusively, and human memory unintentionally distorts or misinterprets information.

CCTV will enhance security in many areas of your business, and you can choose where to place cameras to get maximum protection. A vulnerable point in most businesses is access. Having a security guard placed at the entrance to your business is a move in the right direction, but once the guard is engaging with someone, he or she becomes vulnerable to attack and so does your business. Placing CCTV cameras at the entrance give the security guard the opportunity to screen visitors first, and better protect your business by restricting access to unknown people before engagement.

Criminals list the visible presence of a CCTV surveillance system as a major deterrent. Employees are also less inclined to try to steal from companies or slack-off when they know that their actions are being recorded.

CCTV footage makes disciplinary procedures quicker and objective because it cannot be disputed.

CCTV is much more than surveillance

With the right CCTV package, your business can benefit. By matching a CCTV system to your business’s unique requirements, you can ensure the safety of your business, staff and assets, and gain pertinent data to improve your systems.

Many CCTV systems come with software that offers analytical data. The system can track customer or staff location and walking patterns in your store or premises. It can identify hotspots and build profiles on brands or lines of stock on the floor. With this information at your fingertips, you can identify vulnerable brands or stock and floorplans.

Knowing which products or stock items are susceptible to theft will allow you to secure them better by placing them in a less vulnerable spot. Also knowing which floorplans make pilfering easier will give you valuable insight into how to plan a more secure floorplan.

CCTV can similarly identify potential safety hazards. Early detection of safety hazards is essential to prevent significant loss or harm. By knowing what you are dealing upfront with, you can take informed evasive action to minimise loss.

Accidents and injury on your business premises will be recorded by well-placed cameras, allowing for a quick response. In the event of insurance claims, recorded CCTV footage will ensure that the facts of any event are presented, eliminating the chances of claim disputes.

Finding the right supplier

Deciding to enhance your businesses security is not to be taken lightly, and finding the right supplier is crucial. A cash investment to improve the security of your business is an important decision. Unfortunately, many supplies make promises before they make the sale, but once the money is in their bank account, there is little backup service available.

That is why Iron Curtain Security first conducts a free installation assessment with you before you select a CCTV package. We will guide you through the process of designing a system that suits your individual security needs while considering your budget. That is because we know that there is no one size fits all when it comes to security solutions.

Our qualified consultant will be able to inform you on the different cameras available for internal and external surveillance. They will also explain the value of infrared options for poorly lit areas. Also, they will discuss software integration options available so that you can monitor security via your mobile phone or tablet. And on the other hand, your business might be better suited to a decentralised IP camera system.

Once you have identified the tailored security system your business needs, we can match it to your budget. We have qualified installers and technicians that will ensure that your system installation and integration is seamless, and your CCTV system is up and running in the shortest time.

We offer a broad range of CCTV packages that are backed up by 3 years on-site swop out guarantee™ and we operate a helpdesk facility to assist our clients with queries and provide support.

Don’t leave the security of your business to chance. Speak to Iron Curtain Security today for a free installation assessment with one of our professional consultants.