Build a System

Build a CCTV System

We have selected all our best sellers and made them available through a quick and easy step by step guide to purchasing your own unique CCTV system.

Here are the 3 key features to consider when purchasing your CCTV cameras:
  • Video Quality
    Choose between a HD ready 720p or a Full HD 1080p system below. 1080p systems provide higher video quality, but 720p cameras are less expensive.
  • Camera Lens Type
    Choose cameras with the right lens type for your application. CCTV lenses are either fixed or variable. Fixed lens cameras are usually wide angled for example a 2.8mm lens provides an approximate 90 degree horizontal field of view or a 3.6mm lens an approximate 75 degree horizontal field of view. A variable focal or zoom lens (2.8-12mm lens) can be varied, giving you a range between a wider angle of view i.e 2.8mm to a narrower angle of view i.e 12mm.
  • Infrared “Night-Vision” Capability
    Outdoor CCTV cameras have varying ranges of infrared capability starting at 20 metres of coverage up to 80 metres. Infrared light is invisible and will allow you to see activity in the dark.