How Surveillance Cameras Improve Security in residential Complexes

How Surveillance Cameras Improve Security in residential Complexes

No one can afford to take security lightly today, and surveillance cameras in residential complexes are no longer a nice-to-have, but rather a must-do. Whether you live a small complex or a big multi-unit complex, securing the complexes and residents’ assets is essential. Many complexes employ security guards to patrol and man the entry and exit points, and that is a great deterrent for criminals. Other complexes have entry and exit points controlled by electronic access codes, and that’s also good, but if your complex does not have surveillance cameras as well, all the residents are still vulnerable to crime.

How come?

Some criminals are random opportunists who will take advantage of a break if it comes their way, but the majority of break-ins a done by groups of sophisticated criminals who plan their actions before they strike. They canvass the area and check out what security is in place at different properties before they decide where to go about their thieving. In many of these groups are people who know security systems, so they know how much time there is before an alarm system hails an armed response unit.

There are however two things that criminals really don’t like:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Dogs that stay indoors

These groups of criminals regard burglaries as their profession, so they become very good at what they do. They can pull off slick house and business robberies in a matter of minutes, but surveillance cameras and dogs trip them up and get in their way.

Added security is vital:

So whether you residential complex has security or an electronic access system, criminals still have a way around them, and criminals will still want to come and take what they want.

Electronic access systems are very vulnerable because their coding can be copied, and also, residents are often lax with their security codes and pass it on to other people without much thought. This is how criminals get the codes to electronic access systems. In fact, in some residential complexes burglars had driven in and then driven out again packed with all their loot long before anyone even realized what was going on.

As good as security guards are, they do have patrolling routines that criminals rely on to gain access without being seen. Criminals spend time watching these routines and know where to gain access to a residential complex unnoticed. The same of course applies to their exit; no security guard has eyes in the back of his head! That is why added security is vital, and that add-on must be surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras bring an aspect of security to residential complexes that is irreplaceable.

Benefits of surveillance cameras:

Surveillance cameras come with many benefits. Ranging from cost savings to successfully prosecuting criminals.

Sometimes crimes committed in complexes are at the hands of residents or their family and friends. These are usually opportunistic crimes that happen during the day on weekdays, and that can continue for months leaving residents confused and puzzled. And then there are the awful acts of some people who go about poisoning other people’s pets or vandalising property.

And what about disputes that occur in residential complexes. Surveillance cameras will record the actions of residents exactly as they happened. What a wonderful way to get rid of the ‘he-said-she-said’ that so often transpires in neighbourhood conflicts. Without surveillance cameras, these crimes can continue and go unsolved for as long as the perpetrators are around. But surveillance cameras will immediately put a stop to this type of criminal behaviour.

Here are 10 reasons why your residential complex needs surveillance cameras.

  • Surveillance cameras work quietly in the background 24/7/365
  • Surveillance cameras are a massive deterrent to criminals
  • Once in, criminals have no way of getting past surveillance cameras unnoticed
  • They offer irrefutable evidence
  • Surveillance cameras can identify culprits
  • Surveillance camera footage is accepted as evidence in court
  • They are neutral; they won’t cover for friends
  • Surveillance cameras can save residents money on insurance
  • They can be used to resolve disputes
  • Surveillance cameras make all the residents feel safer

And if that’s not enough reason, surveillance cameras are easy to use and maintain once they have been installed so there will be no added time burden on appointed residents to keep everything up and running. For more information about CCTV surveillance cameras, speak to Iron Curtain Security today.

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