With so many CCTV products on the market to choose from, how do you know which is best for your individual needs? Whether you want to add a higher level of security to your home or ensure that your business premises are well-secured, Iron Curtain Security may be just what you’re looking for. If you simply need the basic security setup for a small home, you might want only a few CCTV cameras around the property but perhaps more advanced storage capability for your security footage, as you will not have someone dedicated to monitoring your surveillance footage at all times. As a larger company looking for CCTV for your business premises, it is likely that would you need more cameras for efficient coverage, as well as recorders and power supply units and hard drives suitable for the heavier security concerns of a business.

Build your own package or let us point you in the right direction

Do you know the exact specifications of the CCTV products you need for your security system? Perhaps we can lend a hand in choosing precisely the right products and services that will suit your individual requirements. Our team is always pleased to offer outstanding advice and service for domestic and commercial security needs from all budgets and angles. We supply products of the highest quality that you can choose from, including:

We also offer custom packages that we have carefully compiled from our bestselling products. This way, you know you are getting just what you need, without any unnecessary extras or excess devices that go unused. Our packages range from R9 999 for the basic 4 channel kit to the state of the art 16 channel 4MP IP kit at R47 999 (excluding VAT). View our complete list of custom packages to see if any are the perfect fit for your needs:

Each kit is designed to able to set up yourself, complete with our DIY installation kits that provide all the tools you need. You can also purchase one of our installations kits when you purchase any individual product items from our store. In fact, if you are not satisfied with what is offered in our custom packages, you can use our “Build A System” function. This interactive platform helps you choose exactly which products you want within your chosen specification and adds them all to your shopping basket in one helpful and easy process. You can select from dome cameras, bullet cameras, vari-focal cameras, recorders and hard drives.

We offer state of the art CCTV products, but our services don’t stop there!

While we do provide installation kits for our CCTV products that make DIY installation a breeze if you are a bourgeoning handyman, we also provide full installation and support if you require. We have a dedicated team of in-house installers who can ensure top quality workmanship. Our technicians are PSIRA registered and able to perform seamless installations that are efficient and do not compromise the aesthetic or appearance of your property. If you are based in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban, please contact us for a free installation assessment.

We also assist with system design and security consulting to help you streamline your CCTV solution, and will be happy to work with your building contractor or architect during your security planning. Our IT specialists can also help with integrating your CCTV products with your network and any software and application installations. If you require any help in any area concerning your CCTV system, our help desk is available for full customer support.

Let us help you find peace of mind with our highly recommended security solutions