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Home cCTV Cameras

We at Iron Curtain Security take residential cctv installations very serious when it comes to the aesthetics of the installation. For instance, all our cctv installations include trunking, PVC piping & PVC boxes to hide and secure the cable and connectors as a result, leading into a neater installation.

Above all, we can put together a complete home CCTV Camera system for you with a single site visit which will require only 10min of your time to show us your concern areas.

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Secure your family and loved ones with our home cctv systems.

Not sure about our background? We have been around since 2011, we have successfully completed over 4000 CCTV and security systems for homes / residential complexes in cape town.

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flexible home CCTV products

We offer a vast range of CCTV surveillance cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor home security applications for any size home. Our solutions are flexible when it comes to your pocket, whether you on a tight budget wanting just a basic CCTV security system done, or wanting to install the most advance IP based CCTV surveillance camera system that alert you via your CCTV cellphone app when someone is on your property, we can help with that.

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how to install your own home CCTV system?

not recommended! why?


No Guarantee

First of all, when you buy a CCTV kit online, you'll void a proper guarantee. With us, we give you a industry leading 3 year on site swop out guarantee.


Installation Quality

The installation quality will not be the same. Iron Curtain Offers a 3 year on site swop out Guarantee due to the fact that the installation is done at a high standard by our experienced technical teams .


Installation Standard

Beware of purchasing the “cheap and nasty” CCTV equipment and kits online. Our experience is that the vast majority of these clients are inevitably disappointed by what they get and many of these systems are never installed, or simply never work properly.

Great Clients. Amazing CCTV Projects.

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