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The cost of CCTV is difficult to quantify in some circumstances, as it is often an essential and a must have. These days one can purchase the cheapest entry level 4 channel DIY system online for 2 or 3 thousand Rand’s. Unfortunately these systems are extremely low grade, basic and usually come with no product warranty, or after sales service or support.  A good quality CCTV system, properly installed and backed with a guarantee can be a lot more expensive.


Answer: CCTV is widely implemented as a deterrent method to various forms of crime. CCTV has been widely implemented broadly throughout the business sector to help reduce shrinkage, improve productivity and security surveillance. CCTV systems can store video which can be used as evidence or for purposes of analysis or verification. CCTV systems can be networked and accessed by multiple users in different locations remotely. Some of the more high-end systems have analytical software which can be used to look for specific data or track certain objects, people or for number plate recognition.

How do I know what CCTV system or cameras to buy?

There are many different types of CCTV cameras on the market, varying in size and shape, application, housing, lens, video resolution, Infra-red capability and the list goes on. We have taken the complications out of acquiring the best CCTV cameras for your needs. Make an informed decision with our build a system store, or flip through our CCTV guide to make sure you purchase the right CCTV system to meet your requirements.

Does my system record, and for how long?

Yes, all of our CCTV systems are capable of recording. All data is recorded and accessible on site and remotely via remote view. The duration for which recordings are available will be determined by the capacity of the hard drive installed in your recorder. See our “Storage Estimator” to help you purchase the right Hard drive for your system.

Who will install my system?

At Iron Curtain we believe the only good CCTV system is a properly installed one. Look no further. Iron Curtain Security employs its own CCTV installers, technicians and IT personnel. All of our technical staff are in-house, trained and registered with the security industry regulatory authority. We comply with all industry standards, including environmental health and safety regulations. Furthermore we take every step to preserve the aesthetics of every premises where we install systems and pay close attention to detail.

Does my system need maintenance?

A quality CCTV system that has been properly installed requires little maintenance. We do however recommend the following: 1. Cameras installed outdoors or in dusty environments are cleaned, checked and adjusted once every 3 months, and in typical indoor areas once every 6-12 months.

How long will my CCTV system last?

This would depend largely on the quality of the equipment, the environment to which it is subjected to and the frequency of maintenance and cleaning. These days CCTV equipment is generally given a 12 month warranty. That is not acceptable for us at Iron Curtain. We back all our CCTV equipment supplied with a 3 year warranty and if we install with our industry leading 3 year on-site swap out guarantee ™. Properly installed quality CCTV equipment should last 5-10 years depending on the environment they are exposed to.

Do you offer any warranty or guarantee on the equipment?

Iron Curtain provides an Industry leading on site swap out guarantee ™ on all CCTV equipment supplied and installed by us. All equipment supplied only, will carry a 3 year carry-in warranty.

Can I see my CCTV cameras remotely (Away from premises)

Yes, all of our systems are network capable allowing you to have access to your CCTV cameras via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktops and Apple devices. This allows for 24 hour visual contact with your business or home when you want it. You will require a router with internet connection as a prerequisite for remote view. If you don’t have internet or a router, we can assist you.

If I bought the equipment already from another supplier, would you be able to do just the installation for me?
Unfortunately not, as there are many ‘cheap and nasty brands’ on the market which are sometimes difficult to set-up and are extremely unreliable. For these reasons we prefer to work only with the known trusted brands we supply and install, which is backed by our industry leading on site swop out guarantee ™.

How long until I receive my order?

Your order will be delivered to your stipulated address within 5 working days, with no delivery charge. If you are little less patient, we can express deliver your purchase within 48 hours, which will carry a delivery charge.

Our advice to You:
Beware of purchasing the “cheap and nasty” CCTV equipment and kits online. Our experience is that the vast majority of these clients are inevitably disappointed by what they get and many of these systems are never installed, or simply never work properly. Many of these companies are unscrupulous and simply want to make a quick buck and dump a below standard Chinese import on you, with little or no product warranty, service or support. At Iron Curtain we make it our responsibility to ensure our Clients get full value for their money and that their systems provide them with the benefits they expect.

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