Western Digital Purple hard drives are designed for both DVR and NVR security systems, and is compatible with many of the leading surveillance and security manufacturers. We can help you find the perfect storage for your CCTV system.

Important to note that the following factors will affect storage:

  1. How many cameras are recording to the drive
  2. Frequency of movement or ‘events’ (if recordings have been motion/event activated)
  3. Resolution of recordings (Resolution at which the recorder has been set to write recordings)


4 Cams8 Cams16 Cams32 Cams
1TB20 days10 days5 days2.5 days
2TB40 days20 days10 days5 days
4TB80 days40 days20 days10 days
6TB120 days60 days30 days15 days

How to estimate your CCTV storage needs